Sr. No.
1 0.5 INCH SS316L
2 1.0 INCH SS316L
3 1.5 INCH SS316L
4 2.0 INCH SS316L
5 2.5 INCH SS316L
6 3.0 INCH SS316L
7 4.0 INCH SS316L
8 6.0 INCH SS316L

Super 5G AQUA

CATALYTIC Super 5G AQUA is revolutionary water treatment system that provides you with Soft water for all your househole neede. It is based on natural and zero maintenance


You deseve the best. That's why we made CATALYTIC Super 5G AQUA, the water treatment system that's as good for you as it is for your pipes. And it takes care of all your household needs too.

With Our advanced, natural and zero- maintenace system, you get soft water for all your needs: cooking, drinking, bathing and more.

For a healthy life and in-home convenience, there,s only one choice: CATALYTIC Super 5G AQUA.


Soft water will be gentler on your skin and less imitating to your scalp.

Soft water is more efficient, So the water heater uses up to 20 % less energy .

Theri clothes looked fresh and new ecen after a week of constant wear.

The floors,dishes and other utensils were less dirty and required less time to cleam.

As a result of antioxidant water They drank more water, which cleaned their organs and kept them hydrated for longer periods of time

Can help improve hair fall, as well as make it Shinier. Softer and more manageable.

Maintains household cleaning routine easier by reducing the amount of soap scum scaling thanks to its antimicrobial properties.

Makes clothes Cleaner with less effort, which in turm reduces your time spent on laundry day and your need for expensive detergent Finaly. it reduced hard water Scaling of appliances..


Highly durable and no maintenace cost.

No moving parts- highly efficient.

Cost- effective and easy to install ..

Provides antioxidant water. .

No Clogged Pipes,houses, drippers and nozzies.

improves the taste of water ..

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Get the most out of your piumbing system with CATALYTIC SUPER 5G Aqua treated Soft water. Our advanced technology removes water Scale from pipes. preventing rust and deposits that can cause damage Over time. You'll Start to feel the benefils of soft water within a short Period of time, So you can enjoy a longer lasting plumbing system and say goodbye to hard water life .

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We creatrd the Natural Water Conditioning System With the homeowner in mind . aiming to avoid the costs of a large distribution and installation network . We worked hard to design a conditioner that is simple to install by either the home owner or a local plumber in a time frame of 20-30 minutes or less. The Natural Water Treatment System is a strong physical device that is attached by the plumber between the water tank Outlet and the water Supply line, and its effects are immediate.

CATALYTIC SUPER 5G Aqua prevents scale, rust, deposits clogging and leaks from drip. goblet bell troughs hot water systems electric valves ets . Further CATALYTIC SUPER 5G Aqua removes hard water Scale and corrosion from sprinkler heads, irrigation pumpes water line and Other water Supply/ irrgation equipments.

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