Sr. No.
1 0.5 INCH SS316L
2 1.0 INCH SS316L
3 1.5 INCH SS316L
4 2.0 INCH SS316L
5 2.5 INCH SS316L
6 3.0 INCH SS316L
7 4.0 INCH SS316L
8 6.0 INCH SS316L

Super 5G AQUA

Get the most out of your piumbing system with CATALYTIC SUPER 5G Aqua treated Soft water. Our advanced technology removes water Scale from pipes. preventing rust and deposits that can cause damage Over time. You'll Start to feel the benefils of soft water within a short Period of time, So you can enjoy a longer lasting plumbing system and say goodbye to hard water life .

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Agricultural Uses

CATALYTIC SUPER 5G Aqua is an amazing product that can greatly improve the quality of your plants. By treating your water with it. you can greatly reduce your water and electricity consumption on irrigation, which will Save you money. The treated water is easily absorbed by soil and plants, which prevents unnecessary evaporation. This , in turn,cuts your water and electricity consumption on irrigation up to 40% to 55%

The CATALYTIC SUPER 5G Aqua-treated water enhances the Sodium Concentration capacity of plants and trees, prompting incresed productivity. It also improves the Soli composition , texture, and fertility, resulting in a greater yield from farms. Moreover by eliminating Salt deposits from the active root system it encourages fine root growth, high germination , and greater yield.

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Catalytic Super 5G Aqua was installed in Various forms at the land water outlets, and notable differences were observed , Such as:

Requrires lesser fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides

Fast and better germination

Improves nutrition

Improves soil composition texture, and fertility

Avoids unnecessary evaporation.

Cuts water and electricity Consumption up to 40 % to 50 %

Reduces water requirement up to Approx 40% to 60% in sone cases .

Reduces leaf burn

Uses no electricity

Available in diameters of 0.5,1,1.5,2',5", 3.4" inches.

It Uses no chemicals or salt.

It dose not Pollute the environment and groundwater.

It washes away Salt deposits from active root systems and results in fine root growth , higher yield from; farms hot houses, green houses, and nurseries,

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